School History

School Motto

Educational Concept

Educational Goals

Special Characteristics of the School

【School History】

Our school was established in 1964 to commemorate Saint Camillus de Lellis's (the founder of the Catholic Church's Camellian Order) spirit of “treating the sick as if they were one of our own”, to train basic level nursing professionals, engage in medical and health care works, and improve the health of all citizens as its main goals. It is our hope that through the love and spirit of Jesus Christ, the holistic approach in medical care, and excellent medical technology, we can further serve our fellow Taiwanese.

On Luodong Campus, the first school building was located in the Luodong St. Mary's Hospital with one class of 50 students all of whom were engaged in practical training at St. Mary's Hospital. As the number of students increased yearly, the original school building was soon outgrown. In 1974, the board of directors decided to expand, however the central district of Luodong was small, land was hard to come by, and the only place for students to undertake practical training was St. Mary's hospital. The board of directors' primary concern was for the safety of the female students whom they felt should undertake their practical training close to the school, hence a nearby piece of land was purchased.

Upon completion of the school buildings in 1975, classes started. In the following years, the “Ruohuai” and “Shihiiao” buildings were constructed. A dormitory for the numerous students from distant cities and counties was also established. With the advent of the 1990 school year, a 3-year nursing program started with 15 classes of students.

In 2000, the Ministry of Education released their standards assessment results with this school's “Administrative Backup Unit” and “Teaching and Practical Training Unit” earning the “top” award. In addition, the Nursing Department earned an “outstanding” award showing that this school has high program standards and is an outstanding institution of higher learning.

In accordance with the government's 21st century technological and vocational education plan, and in order to upgrade the overall medical care system and promote national health care standards, over the last 10 years, the school's board of directors had made upgrade proposals. However, due to the small and narrow nature of the school grounds, a college was not established.

With the support of the board of directors and the school founder, the Camellians, a piece of land in Tapu sub-section, Alishih section, Sansing Township, Yilan County was purchased and donated to the school to serve as the new school grounds. The ownership documentation has been obtained and the land use purpose has been changed accordingly. The first stage of work, including the administrative building and the 1st academic building, and the following stages of work, which included the library & dormitory building, the cafeteria, the guard room, the 2nd and 3rd academic buildings, the surrounding facilities, and a multiple court and the 2nd dormitory building were all built up gradually.

Starting from the 2004 academic year, this new campus has been put to use thoroughly. Students and staff are attending classes at this new and beautiful environment. Staff and students teach and learn in harmony and happiness. We have upgraded to a college for couple years. An old proverb says: “If you plan in advance, you will succeed; otherwise, you will fail”. Although this school is within the new surroundings, and in the midst of developing a new atmosphere, we should conquer new challenges head on, plan early, energetically draw up a midterm school operation plan, and adhere to a long term plan to make things complete smoothly.

【School Motto】

Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Holiness

Saint Mary's Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management was established by the Catholic Order of the Ministers of Sick. Follow the educational concept of “Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Holiness” as the school's abiding doctrine to spread the spirit of Jesus' all encompassing love and sacrifice in the hopes that each student's maturity level, judgment ability, and professional skill, can match up with other professionals and provide higher quality of service.

To pursue Truth:dealing with the practical situation appropriately
To pursue Goodness:thinking highly of ethics and good character
To pursue Beauty:beautifying our soul and life
To pursue Holiness:having a good balance in body and mind

【Educational Concept】

Our school was established in 1964 to commemorate Saint Camillus de Lellis's (the founder of the Catholic Church's Camellian order) spirit of “treating the sick as if they were one of our own.” We also discipline our students to gain the educational concept of St. Mary's College “SERVICE.” S stands for Skill, which means to build up students' professional skills and life-long career learning. E stands for Ethics, which means to expound the morality in our college education. R stands for Responsibility, which means to develop our students to have active attitudes and honor. V stands for Vitality, which means to show others our students' passion of service. I stands for Intelligence, which means to combine the knowledge and practical experience from hands-on learning. C stands for Cooperation, which means that to learn and to serve makes cooperation stronger. E stands for Excellence, which means aspire newer and newer technology in their specific field.

Therefore, we truly fulfill our educational concept to train students to acquire professionals, to be engaged in specific fields, and to improve the health of all citizens as our main goals. Definitely, it is our hope that through the love and spirit of Jesus Christ, the holistic approach, and excellent medical technology, our students can further serve this society.

Outside of nurturing professional intellects, providing a grounding in liberal arts, cultivating moral character, emulating the virtues of St. Mary's mercy and compassion, and Florence Nightingale's love and morality, we should strive to “treat the sick as if they were one of our own”, respect life, accept the goodness of humanity, and finally be well-cultivated individuals who are kind, devoted, forward looking, optimistic, and happy in helping others.

We expect that SMC's students can simultaneously use nursing practices, technical ability, compassion, creative thinking, and planning abilities in their profession and can keep learning for the lifetime to realize their potential.

【Educational Goals】

To cultivate basic level medical nursing and management professionals with professional knowledge/training and basic background in liberal arts.
Goal Category Training Goal Brief Description
1.Technical Ability Train students in basic and professional nursing and management skills so as to enhance their basic working performance. 1. Basic laboratory, professional, and practical courses for all nursing and management subjects (including Department of Nursing, Department of Information Management, and Department of Child Educare, etc).
2.Computer Technology
2.Professional Knowledge 1.Empower students with the basic professional knowledge to maintain and promote physical and mental well being.
2.Establish students' basic ability for lifetime learning and development.
Professional theory course work for all nursing and management subjects (including Department of Nursing, Department of Information Management, and Department of Child Care, etc)
3.Professional Ethics 1. Cultivate student attitudes to life as being hard working, responsible, enthusiastic, loving and respectful to the others and their profession. 
2. Carry out Saint Camillus de Lellis's spirit of “treating the sick as if they were one of our own” in serving patients.
Introduction to Nursing and Management, Introduction to Psychology and Health, Citizenship, Professional Issues of Nursing and Management, Practical Internship Courses. (Nursing and Management related History, Moral, and Social Science.
4. Future Guidance Empower students with the ability to pursue further studies (2-year technical college or graduate school), obtain nursing certification, and/or join the market force. Courses for each subject and class guidance.
5. Liberal Arts Background 1. Holistic education, nurture students in “Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Holiness”. 
2. Educate students to care about and respect life.
Chinese, English, Math, Introduction to Psychology, Chemistry, Music, Art, Parenting Education, Inter-Class Activities, Weekly Meeting, Practical Training.
6.Work with societal change and interact with local industry. 1.Coordinate Eastern and Northern Taiwan's area teaching hospitals jointly practical training courses relating to medical nursing and management. 
2. Train and provide medical nursing and management manpower for basic medical units in accordance with the local needs.
Practical training course work.
7.Develop Special Characteristics and Others 1.Train students to have the special qualities of simultaneously being passionate, simple, humble, and respecting/caring about life. 
2.Inspire student abilities in creative thinking. 
3. Mold students' consciousness concerning self-growth and lifetime learning.
1. Different course subjects, practical training curriculum, and practical life skills education. 
2. Inspirational teaching approach and multi-faceted course work.

【Special Characteristics of the School】
Our school has always been serious about education, highly valuing holistic education, correct values, nursing ethics, liberal arts education, and gracious inner qualities which allow students to grow strong in a warm campus environment. Our school has been upgraded to a college since 2005. With our fully experienced teachers, outstanding facilities, and smooth and effective administrative system, we look forward not only to raising our education results, but also to establishing cooperation with various enterprises to promote continuing education and to provide community service.

Furthermore, we plan to enter and meld with Eastern Taiwan care resources (like Lotung St. Mary's Hospital, I-Lan Hospital, Hualien Mennonite Christian Hospital, Suao Veterans Hospital, etc) to strengthen community care, elder care, long term care, and hospice care to make our school a specialized nursing college.